Our Emergency Dentist Helps With Your Schedule


If you need dental care for you or your children but do not have a great deal of time, call (559) 467-1234 and schedule an appointment with our family dentist office. In addition to providing scheduled preventative care, we also help patients on an emergency basis, which means that if you have a last-minute opening in your schedule, you can call and have a dental examination right away. It also means that if you or someone in your family needs an emergency dental restoration, we can accommodate that as well. We are not only an emergency dentist but also a kid-friendly dentist, which means we can help your children quickly so they can have their challenge addressed before experiencing tremendous discomfort. At Professional Dental Care, we encourage you to call whenever you have a dental need.

Reasons to Visit a Fresno, CA Emergency Dentist

  • Toothache. As a kid-friendly dentist, we spend a great deal of time treating toothaches. If your child wakes up complaining or you get a call from school saying that they're having irritation, we suggest that you call our 93720 family dentist office and schedule an appointment right away. Very often, a toothache is caused by simple tooth decay, so by removing the decay and filling the tooth, we can help your child feel better quickly. Since we are a kid-friendly dentist, we are confident that they will feel comfortable their entire time here. Also, since we use lasers in many of our treatments, we can treat their tooth decay faster and more gently than if they were to visit a traditional dentist.
  • Damaged tooth. If you or one of your children damages a tooth while chewing on a piece of ice, snacking on some trail mix, or playing, it is important that you visit our Fresno, CA emergency dentist office right away so we can treat your tooth and restore it. Dental restorations are something we place on a daily basis. Whether you need dental bonding, a dental crown, or dental veneer, we can identify the restoration that will best meet your needs in order to restore your tooth both in appearance and functionality.
  • Lost tooth. If you have a tooth that is knocked out or falls out on its own, we recommend that you call our Fresno family dentist office right away. If you can locate the tooth and place it in a cup of milk, it is possible for us to reattach it but only if you reach our office quickly. Otherwise, we can provide you with a variety of options for replacing your missing tooth. Doing so quickly is important in order to prevent resorption.
  • Gum pain or bleeding. This could be a sign of gum disease. We can examine you, determine if it is, and treat your gums so they can return to good health.

Schedule an Appointment with a Fresno Kid-Friendly Dentist

As an emergency dentist, we treat many patients suffering from irritation or dental damage. At Professional Dental Care, we also help many people who simply do not have time to visit a traditional family dentist but call our office as soon as the time presents itself. In this way, we are very flexible and open to working with you and your family. For help, call (559) 467-1234 and schedule an appointment with our 93720 dental office.

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