How Long Should I Wear My Teeth Whitening Trays From My Family Dentist?

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Teeth whitening treatments done by a dentist are the fastest way to get a brighter smile. These treatments are typically administered using a customized mouth tray that is made in a dental lab from an impression of the patient's mouth. The patient gets to keep the mouth tray afterward, and they can use it with an at-home whitening kit provided by a dentist.

Figuring how long to wear teeth whitening trays

How long a patient should expose their teeth to the bleaching agents in teeth whitening products depends on a number of factors, like the type of procedure being performed. Professional whitening treatments involve using the most concentrated bleaching products available. Dentists typically limit each whitening session with these to 90 minutes or less.

The whitening gels that come with at-home whitening kits are not as concentrated as the powerful products used for professional whitening. Many of these products can be used for up to 21 consecutive days, which is about the time it takes to get noticeable results. Each session with these products should be no longer than a few hours. Those who are whitening their teeth should never go to bed with the whitening tray in their mouth. Such prolonged use can lead to teeth becoming damaged. The only exception would be if the product's manufacturer says otherwise.

People using at-home whitening kits should wear them daily until their teeth have reached the targeted color or the product has been used for 21 consecutive days. If the desired shade of white has not been reached at that point, the patient should take about three weeks off before starting their next round of treatment. Taking these breaks allows enamel that has been weakened by teeth whitening to rebuild and re-mineralize itself.

Getting maximum benefits from at-home whitening trays

Here are simple things that patients can do to get the most out of their teeth whitening treatments:

Clean teeth before whitening: Removing food particles and plaque from teeth surfaces before whitening treatments leads to better results. Food particles can block the bleaching agents from reaching certain areas.

Avoid overfilling the tray: Follow the manufacturer's recommendations on how much bleaching gel is needed for each session. Overfilling the mouth tray can lead to the bleaching agent getting into gum tissues and irritating or damaging them.

Spread the whitening gel on the front side of the tooth: This ensures that the whitening gel evenly coats the front-facing part of teeth, which is what everyone else sees. The remaining parts of teeth will still be whitened if the proper amounts of bleaching product are used.

Avoid foods/beverages that stain teeth: Stick to white and clear foods/beverages when whitening teeth.

Do not brush afterward: Doing so can weaken teeth enamel. Rinse the mouth with water instead and clean the mouth tray with a toothbrush and running water.

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