Implant Supported Dentures for Bottom Teeth

Implant Supported Dentures Fresno, CA

Getting implant supported dentures is a good choice if you are transitioning to dentures. Dentists use these dentures for the upper and lower jaws. The lower jaw’s needs for overdentures are different from the needs of the upper jaw. If you are thinking about getting implant supported dentures for your bottom teeth, here are the details.

The lower jaw is different

Installing implant supported dentures for the patient’s bottom teeth is a little more complicated. The bottom teeth anchor to the mandible or the lower jaw. “Dense” is the right word to describe the mandible. The denseness of the lower jaw makes it strong and stable. This reduces the number of dental implants for implant supported dentures for the bottom teeth.

The mandible is different from the upper jaw as it has two major nerves run through it. Dentists avoid these nerves in implant procedures. If the patient has missing back teeth for years already, the nerves have likely shifted. These nerves can make it difficult for the dentist to place the implants in the back of the lower jaw. That is why dentists place the dental implants of implant supported dentures in the front part of the mandible. Some patients prefer six implants, while others choose four or even two.

Denture problems in the lower jaw

In traditional dentures, the common problem is the constant movement of the lower jaw denture during speech and chewing. This issue is because the lower jaw does not have a bony ridge for the horseshoe-shaped denture. The patient’s tongue keeps the denture in its place. That is why many patients choose a more stable teeth replacement system.

For implant supported dentures, wiggling dentures will not happen. The dentist will place four dental implants with equal spacing. These implants will be set in dense mandibular bone. Stability will be in the implant supported dentures that will go there.

Pain when biting is another common problem with traditional dentures for the lower jaw. The sharp burst of pain is usually where the patient’s premolars were located. Pain in this area comes from the mental foramen. The bone above the mental foramen resorbs, and the mental nerve moves under the denture. At this point, the denture presses on the nerve each time the patient bites down.

There is no pain with implant supported dentures. The dentist will place four dental implants that will hold the lower denture. This frees the gums from pressure, especially when chewing or biting. The patient will not complain about pain while eating anymore.

There is significant improvement with implant supported dentures for your bottom teeth

The mandible or the lower jaw has dense bone. It provides more stability, strength, and support for implant supported dentures. This makes it easier for dentists to place the dental implants even if there is bone loss. The implant supported dentures will not compress the mental nerve as well. Now that you are transitioning to dentures, getting stable ones for the bottom teeth will be worth your time, effort, and money. Choosing implant supported dentures for the bottom teeth is much better than getting traditional ones.

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