Laser Dentistry Differs from Traditional Procedures

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Traditional and laser dentistry have their own advantages. Traditional dentistry is still in practice today. Even so, most dental patients do not have the time to wait for weeks to heal from an oral procedure. That is why more patients prefer dental practices that use lasers. If you want to know what makes laser dentistry different from traditional dental procedures, here are the details.

Basic differences

Traditional dentistry tools are often bulky and noisy. Cleaning brushes, probes, and drills are among the most dreaded tools in the treatment room. Pain often follows. Most young patients develop dental phobia because of traditional dental procedures. These fears often carry over to adulthood. Healing also takes longer in traditional dentistry procedures.

Laser dentistry is becoming more popular than traditional dentistry. The procedures in this field are pain-free and quick. LASER (light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation) uses light energy to perform the procedures. The treatments are convenient and targeted. Neighboring healthy tissue will not be hurt at all. This makes it easier for patients to go through dental treatments.

Differences when it comes to pain

Pain is always a concern in dental procedures. Drills are always painful in traditional dental treatments. Using it involves the unpredictable risk of damaging the neighboring healthy tissues. The dentist will ease the pain and discomfort by giving anesthesia to patients. This is not a healthy thing to do because of the side effects.

Laser dentistry uses heat and light to perform surgery. It is pain-free, so the dentist does not need anesthetics to numb the tissues. The dentist can cut and vaporize the tissue. It can remove the decaying dental structure and soft tissue. This type of technique is less invasive than traditional drill dentistry.

Differences when it comes to bleeding

Traditional dental procedures often involve blood loss. The patient’s anxiety increases at the thought of bleeding. Swelling and pain would accompany bleeding. This is often a barrier in returning to daily activities right away.

In a laser dentistry clinic, procedures involve having very little blood loss. Laser treatments seal the blood vessels in the tissue upon contact. This encourages immediate clotting. Swelling also minimizes with the use of lasers in dentistry.

Differences when it comes to recovery

Wounds from drill dentistry take time to heal. There will be significant swelling and tissue damage. The treated area is also prone to infection. The patient will need anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, and antibiotics to help the dental wound heal. Even so, it will still take weeks.

Laser dentistry produces small wounds. The laser sterilizes the tissue upon direct contact. This reduces and even eliminates bacterial infection. Tissue regeneration happens faster. Clotting is almost immediate. This results in the patient’s return to daily activities right away.

Having laser dentistry has more health benefits than getting drill dentistry

Traditional dentistry is invasive. The wounds from this type of treatment take longer to heal, leaving you prone to infection. With laser dentistry, you do not need anesthetics, antibiotics, pain relievers, and anti-inflammatories. You heal faster as well. Talking to your dentist about laser dentistry can introduce you to a less invasive way to correct dental issues.

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