Reasons to Consider Minimally Invasive Oral Surgery

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Minimally invasive oral surgery is often needed in order to improve oral health. There are a number of different procedures that are classified as a minimally invasive oral surgery. Each patient is different, which means there may be few specific things that indicate a need for certain procedures, as well. Ready to learn more?

What does minimally invasive oral surgery mean?

Learning what minimally invasive oral surgery means will help patients understand the difference between minimally invasive surgery and traditional surgery. Minimally invasive oral surgery for dental patients means that the surgery uses special dental equipment and techniques in order to make the surgical process as minimally invasive as possible. When it comes to traditional surgery, it tends to be much more invasive due to deep incisions.

Reasons to consider minimally invasive oral surgery

The list below includes some of the common minimally invasive oral surgeries that are being performed by dental professionals. When surgery is needed to correct one's oral health, the sooner the procedure is scheduled, the better.

Wisdom tooth problems

Minimally invasive surgical wisdom tooth extractions are often performed when a dental patient is experiencing wisdom tooth problems. It is necessary for the dental professional to make a small incision in the gums in order to expose the tooth. Once the wisdom tooth is exposed, the tooth will very carefully be removed from the patient's mouth, which sometimes needs to be done in pieces in order to prevent the need to make a larger incision.

Missing one or more teeth

Dental patients who are missing one or more of their teeth can choose to have dental implants take the place of their missing teeth, which requires them to undergo a minimally invasive oral surgery. It is necessary for a dental professional to make a small incision in the area where the implant will be placed. The next step is placing the implant into the jawbone, which allows the new implant to look and act just like a natural tooth.

Gum disease is present

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, may require a dental patient to undergo a gum graft. Gum grafting is a minimally invasive surgery that requires a dental professional to cover up any areas of gum recession that are exposing a tooth's roots using gum grafted from the patient's palate. This surgical procedure is necessary in order to prevent further gum recession, which can potentially damage the rest of the teeth.

Get started with oral surgery

In need of a minimally invasive oral surgery? Working with a dentist is a good place to start. An evaluation can be done in order to determine what oral health problems are present. Then, the necessary minimally invasive oral surgery options can be laid out for the patient so that they can decide which is best for them. Reach out today to get started or to learn more about minimally invasive oral surgeries. 

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