The 5 Most Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is no fun at all, which is why you must find the cause of the pain and get rid of it. There are many causes of tooth pain, and each of them brings a different level of discomfort.

Toothaches range from sharp pain that happens only when you chew to a constant ache that takes over your whole mouth.

The first step in getting rid of tooth pain is finding out why your tooth hurts.

Common Tooth Pain Causes

1. Cavities and tooth decay

The enamel protects the inner tooth from irritants that cause toothaches. When enamel wears away, a cavity forms. It exposes the inner tooth to bacteria, sugar, acid heat and cold.

A person with tooth decay or a cavity will notice tooth sensitivity when eating foods that are hot, cold or sweet. They may even feel pain when they bite down.

As the decay becomes more severe, a person will feel pain more often. Eventually, the pain will develop into a constant ache.

You need a dentist to treat the tooth immediately to prevent this pain.

2. Infection of the inner tooth

Harmful mouth bacteria can make their way into the inner tooth. Once there, they attack the dental pulp.

As the body tries to fight the infection, the inner tooth becomes inflamed, which causes a good deal of pain. This condition is known as pulpitis.

A person who suffers from pulpitis will experience constant, throbbing pain that is accompanied by a sore gum. The only way to find relief from the pain is with the help of a dentist.

3. A dental abscess

If pulpitis is left to progress into something more serious, a dental abscess is likely to develop. An abscess forms when the chamber that houses the infected pulp fills with bacteria and pus.

As the pus tries to push its way out of the tooth, it creates terrible pressure, which creates persistent pain.

Treating the infected area is a sure way to restore the tooth and get rid of the pain. If the dental pulp cannot be saved, the dentist will likely perform a root canal.

4. A damaged tooth

You can fracture your tooth in all sorts of ways. Pressure from grinding can cause a tooth to crack or break. An accident or fall can also lead to a fractured tooth.

The pain from an injured tooth varies. If the injury is severe, the tooth will bleed and hurt constantly, which qualifies as a dental emergency. A small crack will cause sharp pain when the tooth is exposed to cold air or food.

The only way to get rid of this type of tooth pain is to get the fractured tooth repaired with a dental restoration.

5. An impacted tooth

A molar that cannot find its way out of the jaw will cause a dull ache that will affect multiple teeth. This is a common problem with wisdom teeth, and most dentists will choose to remove the problem tooth.

6. Sinusitis

An inflamed sinus will cause pain in otherwise healthy teeth. The pain usually radiates from the sinus area to the upper jaw and the teeth attached to it. Treating the sinus will get rid of the tooth pain.

You do not have to live with the pain

You can treat a toothache with the help of a dentist. Contact our office to schedule an appointment and be one step closer to a pain-free life.

Request an appointment here: or call Professional Dental Care at (559) 467-1234 for an appointment in our Fresno office.

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