What Happens During a Dental Bonding Procedure

Dental Bonding Fresno, CA

If you've considered what to do about a damaged tooth and you've thought about dental bonding as an option, then you're probably eager to know more about what the procedure is, how it works, and what happens during the process. You'll be excited to know that dental bonding is unlike many other cosmetic or restorative dental procedures. Once it is complete, you'll have your natural smile back and be able to go back to smiling and eating and drinking the things you love again without fear of your tooth looking awkward or out of place in your mouth. 

While other options typically involve dental devices, dental bonding works by reshaping and reforming a tooth using a special composite material that is colored to match the patient's natural teeth. This means no devices and no odd-looking teeth after everything is finished, just you and your natural smile staring back at you. 

To help you understand what bonding is, we'll explain what happens during a typical bonding procedure. 

How a bonding procedure works

The process for bonding works like most dental procedures done with the dentist examining your mouth and the tooth in question. During the exam, the dentist will make sure the tooth is fit for the bonding process and that there are no underlying oral health issues to be concerned about. Once this is confirmed, the dentist will begin the setup for the actual bonding procedure. 

The setup

The procedure officially begins with the dentist cleaning the tooth and the area around it to make sure it is free of food, bacteria, and other contaminants while the bonding is underway. Failing to do this might mean that the bonding agent won't take or that the tooth could later become infected. 

After the area has been cleaned, the dentist will apply an abrasive agent to the tooth's surface so that when the resin composite material is put on to the tooth, it will stick properly. The tooth may need to be lightly sanded to make the surface rough enough for the resin to stick to. Once complete, the next step is to begin the reshaping part of the process. 

The shaping process

The dentist will then apply the resin to the damaged areas of the teeth and begin the reshaping process. The purpose of this stage of the possess is to contour the resin around the damaged parts of the tooth and make it look new. This part is how the tooth looks like a normal tooth versus what other options are available. 

The dentist will continue shaping until the tooth looks like it is supposed to. Once the shaping is done, the dentist hardens the resin with a special UV lamp. If the tooth still needs some work after the hardening process is complete, the dentist can still shape the tooth and work with it even after the resin has hardened. 

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