What to Expect at Your Invisalign Consultation Appointment

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Invisalign is a popular form of teeth straightening that utilizes clear aligners to gradually pull teeth into a straighter position. There are many benefits to treatment, including the ability to straighten your smile without anyone else noticing, fewer dietary restrictions and effective results.

How an Invisalign consultation works

Unfortunately, all too many patients avoid treatment out of fear the process is too invasive or they are not an ideal candidate. By gaining a better understanding of what to expect during the first Invisalign appointment, patients can better prepare themselves and make a more informed decision about seeking treatment.

Oral examination

After a quick chat with the patient about their reason for considering Invisalign treatment and previous dental and orthodontic history, the orthodontist conducts an oral examination. The purpose of the oral examination is to determine the oral health status of the patient and find out if they are a viable candidate for Invisalign treatment. While Invisalign works to treat most instances of mild to moderate malocclusions, braces are likely more appropriate for severe complications.

Dental X-rays

The next step in the process is often dental X-rays, which give the orthodontist a better idea as to whether or not the candidate is a viable candidate for treatment. There are certain aspects of oral health and teeth development that cannot be seen through oral examination. These include the growth of wisdom teeth, whether or not the patient has any impacted teeth and a more in-depth idea of the jaw structure.


After an oral examination and review of dental X-rays, the orthodontist should have a good idea about treatment and is able to make a recommendation. If the patient is eligible for Invisalign, meaning their malocclusions can successfully be corrected from the clear aligners treatment, then the patient is ready to begin treatment. If the malocclusion is more severe, then the orthodontist is likely to recommend another form of teeth straightening, such as traditional braces.

Invisalign education

If both the patient and the orthodontist agree to Invisalign treatment, then the orthodontist can go over what is expected throughout each step of the treatment, answering any questions and addressing any concerns the patient might have while doing so. The orthodontist will discuss how to properly care for the Invisalign aligners and keep them clean, good oral care habits during treatment and more.

Dental impression

Many orthodontists go ahead and officially start the treatment process by taking a dental impression of the patient, which is used to custom-make the Invisalign aligners. Once the clear aligners arrive back to orthodontists, the patient can come back in and start officially wearing the Invisalign and gaining their new and improved smile.

Talk to an orthodontist about Invisalign

The first step toward Invisalign treatment is to schedule an initial consultation with an orthodontist. Feel free to reach out to your orthodontist to schedule your first visit. This Invisalign professional will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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