4 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Fresno, CA

Sometimes no matter how careful someone is, an accident can happen that affects their teeth. Whether it is biting down on something hard that was not expected, playing a sport and a tooth being knocked loose, or an automobile accident, having an emergency dentist on hand is never a bad thing!

An emergency dentist is typically available at times that someone’s general dentist would be closed including nights and weekends. Because of this, they can help with issues such as tooth pain or a tooth that has been knocked out of the patient's mouth.

Today we will look at 4 reasons why someone may need to visit an emergency dentist.

Top reasons to visit an emergency dentist

1. A toothache

Sometimes a toothache can come on suddenly and be extremely painful. Although someone should try different home remedies including a cold compress outside the cheek where a toothache is or over-the-counter pain medicine, at times this just will not do the trick.

If the pain continues on and is extremely painful with no relief, this would be a good time to head to an emergency dentist. They can do a full exam and figure out what is causing the toothache and many times fix the issue at that time.

2. A tooth is knocked out

With most people of all ages playing sports on the weekend, even if the right precautions are taken, one wrong hit and a tooth can be knocked loose. If this occurs, it is important to pick up the tooth (not by the root) and if possible place it in milk.

Then head to the emergency dentist with the tooth, and most of the time the tooth can be reinserted and saved. Either way, when instances like these occur it is important not to wait a few days until the person's dentists is open. Each minute counts, and it is important to try and get the tooth fixed again in the mouth.

3. An automobile accident

Even with airbags and safety mechanisms, sometimes an automobile accident can lead to some type of tooth or jaw damage. In these cases, it is important to visit an ER first. After, it may be suggested that the person goes to an emergency dentist to ensure that any issues or knocked out teeth are reinserted and saved from needing dental implants or other procedures completed.

4. A lost filling

If someone noticed that they are experiencing pain where a filling was, or they if looked in the mirror and saw that a filling was no longer there, then this would be an optimal time to visit an emergency dentist. The lost filling can cause pain to begin spreading on the tooth because the root will be exposed.

At this time visiting an emergency dentist is vital. They will be able to refill the tooth and get the patient on their way and feeling like brand new.

Have more questions about visiting an emergency dentist and what times it is appropriate to do so? Give us a call and we can help you make the right decision for your teeth and oral health! Contact us today.

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