The Benefits of a Laser Dentistry Treatment

Laser DentistThe Benefits of a Laser Dentistry Treatment

When you need to improve the appearance of your gums, laser dentistry is the most effective and most precise way to do so. Our laser dentistry gum improvements procedure provides the most attractive results and a quick healing process. If you are uncomfortable with the shape of your gums, we can help you. Our methods are safe, reliable and do not cause discomfort during or after the procedure.

Pros of Laser Dentistry Treatments and Improvements

  • Less tissue exposure to damaging dental tools
  • More preservation of natural gums and teeth due to laser precision
  • Faster recovery time than traditional gum treatment methods
  • Less scarring and no need for sutures
  • Less need for anesthetics, only small doses used in localized areas
  • Less bleeding during and after the procedure
  • Infection is minimized due to laser sterilization
  • Tissues can be regenerated
  • Quicker surgery for those who are anxious in the dental chair
  • Can be used for early detection of cavities
  • Speeds up filling application
  • Can improve tooth sensitivities by sealing specific nerve endings
  • Can improve a gummy smile
  • Can improve uneven gum lines 
  • Can fix receding gums
  • Can remove excess tissues and tumors
  • Can remove cold sores, minimizing healing time
  • Can help speed up teeth whitening treatments

These are only a few of the many benefits and uses of laser dentistry. Whatever your needs are, whether they are related to improving the appearance of your gums or removing cold sores or cavities, we can help. Primarily our laser methods are used for gum treatment.

How Our Laser Dentistry Improves Gums

Our laser gum shaping, also know as gum contouring or gum improving, is used to either remove excess gum tissue to correct your gum line length or placement. If you feel as though your gums make your teeth look too long or too short, or are disproportionate, our gum contouring practices can fix the imperfections. Our patients choose to undergo a laser treatment for many of the reasons mentioned above, and specifically due to the painless and efficient procedure it provides. We will apply an anesthetic to the area that will be worked on to ensure it remains numb, but the laser itself will also contribute to a painless procedure.

Our lasers are so precise that they can finely shape your gum line into the placement we know will improve your smile. Following our laser dentistry treatment, you will have very little swelling and very little bleeding. You will have a fast recovery time, and you will get to enjoy your perfected results much quicker than with a traditional gum treatments.

Our laser dentistry services can improve the appearance of your gums in a short visit to our office. Don't remain frustrated with your appearance, and don't let your gums distract others from your beautiful smile. When you visit our office, we will come up with a custom plan to address your needs and wants. Once we perform our laser dentistry gum improvements, you will be able to boast about your brand new, beautiful smile.

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