Does Teeth Whitening Look Natural?

Teeth whitening has become more popular in recent years due to the availability of over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Despite the effectiveness of the whitening products, some people worry about their teeth becoming too white and losing their natural look.

If you are thinking about getting your teeth whitened and worry that your teeth will not look natural after, these answers should help put your mind at ease.

What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is the process of cleaning the surface of your teeth, removing stains and discoloration and returning your teeth to their natural state.

Do I need to get my teeth whitened?

Getting your teeth whitened is a personal choice. Some people do it because they have stains on their teeth from drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes and want to get rid of the stains, while others do it because their teeth have gotten discolored over the years and they want them to look white again. If you think your teeth could look a little brighter, you can talk to your dentist and ask if you should get them whitened.

Can I whiten my teeth at home?

Yes, there are many over-the-counter products you can use to whiten your teeth. You can use teeth whitening toothpaste to whiten your teeth or whitening gels and strips, which are available at most grocery stores. However, if you have oral issues like sensitive gums, you should talk to your dentist to find out which products are safe to use.

Since regulations differ in different countries, with some places required to have minute levels of peroxide in their whitening products, you should avoid buying teeth whitening products online.

Does teeth whitening look natural?

Even though you have probably seen one or two people with extremely white teeth, you don’t have to worry about your teeth looking too white or unnatural when you get them whitened professionally.

Professional whitening can lighten your teeth by three to eight shades, but your teeth will look natural because they have a natural level of whiteness. No matter how hard you try, your teeth will not get whiter than their natural shade.

Does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening is very effective on natural teeth, but it does not work if you have prosthetic teeth, crowns or veneers, which cannot be whitened once they have been put in. If you have veneers on your teeth, you should whiten your natural teeth to match the veneers. However, this should be done by a professional to make sure you don’t have mismatched teeth colors.

How long does the whitening last?

Teeth whitening is temporary, and the effects vary depending on what your teeth were like before you had them whitened and how well you care for your teeth. The effects can last anywhere from six months to two years.


Teeth whitening helps you remove stains on your teeth and whitens your teeth, giving you a bright and natural smile. If you are considering getting your teeth whitened, schedule an appointment with your dentist or look for one of the over-the-counter alternatives next time you are at the store.

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