The FAQs About Therapeutic Botox

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Therapeutic Botox® is a common non-surgical treatment for erasing facial wrinkles and fine lines. In the field of esthetic dentistry, Botox is indispensable in supporting various dental procedures. This treatment can also help manage dental conditions. If you want to know more about therapeutic Botox, here are some FAQs and their answers.

Why do dentists give Botox?

Dentists have different reasons for giving therapeutic Botox to different patients. A patient may receive it to relieve tension or pain in the jaw muscles. This injectable treatment is often a more effective option when other methods are not effective in relieving discomfort in these areas. It is also a good treatment for patients who want a semi-invasive solution to the tension and pain.

The dentist can also give Botox therapy to patients with temporomandibular disorders (TMD) or bruxism. These conditions cause pain in the face and jaw. Botox injections can help relax the muscles of patients having trouble with new removable dentures. This helps keep the dental appliance in place. These injections can also retrain the facial muscles of orthodontic patients. The dentist will give the injections during and after the dental alignment period.

How long do the effects of Botox last?

The dentist will create a treatment plan for the patient during the first visit. Therapeutic Botox dosages will depend on the patient’s condition. The dentist will tell the patient when to come back for follow-up treatments. Botox injection effects can last for about three to six months. Muscle function will return to the patient’s face after this period. This is when the patient should come back for another treatment.

Why can dentists administer Botox injections?

Caring for the maxillofacial and oral areas is what dentists do. They have extensive knowledge about the location of nerve endings. Dentists also know the structure and function of the different facial muscles. That is why these dental health providers can plan and execute the therapeutic Botox treatment well.

What are some of the benefits of Botox?

A Botox treatment can relieve muscle tension from teeth clenching. It can also relieve earaches, facial pain, and headaches. These injections can help patients who do not want to get surgery for their discomfort. There is little to no recovery time for therapeutic Botox injections. This can help them go back to their routine right away.

What does Botox do for a smile makeover?

Sometimes, restoring the gums and teeth is not enough to have a beautiful smile. The mouth and face serve as the frame for the restored oral cavity. Therapeutic Botox injections can smoothen the skin and remove wrinkles. They will make the smile makeover pop. It will then give the patient a more youthful appearance.

A therapeutic Botox treatment can elevate your oral and general health

Botox is a helpful treatment in the field of dentistry. It helps many patients achieve relief from pain and tension in the facial and jaw areas. A Botox treatment can also relieve the other symptoms of TMD and bruxism. An appointment with your dentist can start your therapeutic Botox treatment and your path to better health.

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